New Leaf Child & Family Counseling is dedicated to improving the lives of children, teens, adults and families in the Coachella Valley by providing individual and family counseling, play therapy and parent coaching services drawing on evidence-based treatment approaches with a strong focus on supporting healthy relationships and optimal development. Services at New Leaf are grounded in the latest research and guided by experts in the fields of neuroscience, trauma, mindfulness, child development, and expressive therapies that help people of all ages to heal and grow.


We believe in creating the best atmosphere for our clients and employees. Our work is grounded in our core values of creating strong relationships, committing to collaboration, focusing on quality, and embracing diversity. Our work is always focused on helping individuals and families feel more confident, connected and resilient.


Create Strong Relationships

Building strong, meaningful relationships is a basic need for all of us. We value building healthy relationships and helping our clients do the same, both with themselves and others, to foster a sense of belonging and link to a support system. We also focus on promoting strong, lasting bonds within our team and working collaboratively both in the office and out in the community.  


Commit to Collaboration

Our collaborative approach allows our clients to benefit from our team’s collective expertise. While everyone on our team specializes in supporting children, adults and families, each clinician has their own subspecialties to ensure there is support for the whole family and for a wide variety of issues. Our clinicians are able to consult one another to share knowledge and resources, and we also work closely with other professionals through providing referrals and coordination to ensure clients receive the best possible care.


Focus on Quality

We’re committed to providing the best experience for our clients and team. We offer a calming office space and family-centered waiting area where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable. We promote continued education for our clinicians and offer growth opportunities through case consultation and trainings in evidence-based treatments grounded in the latest research. We emphasize the use of best clinical practices, tailored treatment plans, and feedback collection to help our clients reach their full potential.


 Embrace Diversity

We strive to make our services and our environment accessible and valuable to all members of our community, with respect for the differing races, ethnicities, cultures, lifestyles, identities, sexual orientations, genders, religions, ideologies, and abilities. We embrace the unique and diverse experiences of our employees and clients.