Families are made of up individuals. And though you may share common values and goals, each of you brings a different personality, perspective and life experience to the table.

You may feel that your family life is not exactly how you had imagined it would be. Maybe it’s full of daily challenges. Or maybe sometimes it just feels like everyone is pulled in different directions. You’re not the only family going through this. All families struggle. While it’s painful to feel so disconnected from your loved ones, your family does not have to stay this detached.

At New Leaf there’s one thing we’re sure of:

Family counseling allows you and your loved ones to voice your concerns in a safe and healthy way.  Family members can learn the crucial skills needed to balance individual needs with those of the family to ensure everyone feels cared for and loved. Together, we can explore how each person is relating to each other and develop ways for you to move forward toward a united goal. We can also help you manage the behaviors and transitions that tend to stress families the most such as blended family issues, addiction issues, boundaries, and communication.

That’s where New Leaf comes in:

New Leaf is a multi-specialty counseling center. Every therapist who works here practices a different specialty and is trained to meet the unique needs of the families in our community. Each therapist tailors their approach to the family seeking counseling and makes a point to meet the clients where they are in their healing process. Our passion is helping the families within our community build the connections they can count on in order to have healthier, more respectful relationships and ultimately more joyous lives.

Examples of common issues we address in counseling:

Blended and Step Families

Perhaps you and your partner are bringing children together from other relationships. You realize blending a family is a lot harder than you first thought it would be and coming together is proving to be a challenge. You can’t help but feel like there has to be a better way to unite as a family unit. We have counselors on staff who specialize in working with blended families.

Divorce and Other Transitions

Maybe you’ve recently gone through a divorce or other life transition that has changed your family dynamic. You’re looking for the best ways to move forward with this new reality and to keep connected as a unit. You know your family needs someone to talk to, but your friends and family are just as uncertain as you are and don’t really know how to help. Therapy can help you to develop your resilience, so your family can build itself up from within and find the strength to move forward. 

Substance Issues and Addiction

Sometimes one or more members of a family can start to rely on substances or other unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with the challenges they face. It is very difficult to effectively address the inappropriate use of drugs or alcohol (or other compulsive behaviors) when you and your loved one are not seeing eye to eye. Often, every way you’ve tried to get through to the person has only driven you further apart. Therapy at New Leaf can help you learn how to more constructively deal with a loved one’s substance issues and provide your family with professional support through this rocky time.  

Is your family struggling with something that is not listed here? There are many other concerns for which therapy can help. Contact us today to find out if counseling is right for your family.