Counseling for Children & Teens

Helping Kids better deal with emotions AND promoting Healthy development


Children and teens often need help gaining awareness of their thoughts and feelings around family issues, particularly if there's a major transition or life stressor, such as divorce, conflict, or illness in the family.  Many children and teens need help dealing with issues at school, such as trouble completing assignments, social anxiety, peer pressure, or bullying. Others struggle to regulate their emotions, attention, or impulses due to ADHD or other neuro-developmental and learning differences. For many kids, getting along with family members, teachers or peers can become difficult.  They may feel anxious, depressed, unmotivated, lack self-esteem and act out in a variety of ways.  


When a child seems more irritable, frustrated, sad or withdrawn, or they seem nervous or worried about many things, or they are having emotional outbursts at home or school - these are common signs that a child needs help. When things become unmanageable for kids, they may turn to excessive video game use, poor eating and sleeping habits, self-harm, substance abuse and other risky behaviors. They often need guidance and support to help them learn healthier coping mechanisms to regulate their emotions, problem-solve, succeed in school, and cultivate better relationships with their peers or loved ones.

For parents, it can be stressful and even heartbreaking when your child is acting out or struggling and it seems like you just can't help them feel better. All parents want their child to be well-adjusted, happy and healthy, and sometimes parents are unable to provide the type of help a child needs.


As licensed therapists specializing in child and adolescent mental health, we help children and teens cope with life stresses by providing them a safe environment where they can express themselves and learn new skills to process difficult thoughts and feelings.  By giving them the tools to navigate the confusing swirl of new and often scary emotions and experiences, children and teens gain the confidence to move through their world with more ease, knowing how to handle joy and sorrow without being overwhelmed by these emotions.

We also provide support and consultation to parents through the challenging parenting journey.

With younger children (ages 3-12), we use play therapy to explore the child's world, helping them resolve problems, heal traumas, and develop skills to comfortably identify and regulate their emotions.  We also provide coaching to parents so they can learn the most effective ways to increase positive outcomes for their child.  Using positive discipline and parenting approaches rooted in brain science and the importance of healthy attachment, parents can enhance their child's emotional, behavioral and cognitive functioning, solve discipline problems, and improve their relationship.  Learn more about play therapy here.

You are courageous for seeking help. 

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